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Original Leather Art Feeds Bracelet

LIMITED QUANTITIES In the very early days of Art Feeds, we hand made and hand stamped leather bracelets to then sell to raise money. These are the OG Art Feeds bracelet, made on our back porch when we didn’t have an office and paint splattered in our back yard (still …

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Original Body Painting by Aly Davis | Abstract Art on Canvas | touch tone

Original Art Marker/Acrylic/Spray Paint Painting, measuring: 30W x 30H x 1D cm, by: Aly Davis (United States). Styles: Abstract, Street Art, Dada, Figurative, Pop Art. Subject: Body. Keywords: Graffiti, Living Room, Colorful, Bright, Figure, Contemporary, Collectible, Pop Art, Urban, City. This Marker/Acrylic/Spray Paint Painting is one of a kind and …

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Original Women Drawing by Loui Jover | Street Art Art on Paper | gothic

Original Art Paper/Pencil/Goauche/Ink/Crayon Drawing, measuring: 57W x 76H x 0D cm, by: Loui Jover (Australia). Styles: Pop Art, Street Art. Subject: Women. Keywords: Graphic, Woman, Street Art, Louijover, Jover, Butterflies, Mixedm Media. This Paper/Pencil/Goauche/Ink/Crayon Drawing is one of a kind and once sold will no longer be available to purchase. …

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