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Original Body Painting by Dean Russo | Street Art Art on Paper | Hang On

Original Art Acrylic/Graphite/Oil/Spray Paint Painting, measuring: 56W x 71H x 1D cm, by: Dean Russo (United States). Styles: Figurative, Pop Art, Street Art, Portraiture. Subject: Body. Keywords: Body, Model, Portrait, Woman, Tattoo, Pose, Face, Love, Smile. This Acrylic/Graphite/Oil/Spray Paint Painting is one of a kind and once sold will no …

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Original Pop Culture/Celebrity Sculpture by Teru Noji | Pop Art Art on Wood | The Warriors Barbie “Coney Cyrus”

Original Art Plastic Sculpture, measuring: 10W x 33H x 10D cm, by: Teru Noji (France). Styles: Surrealism, Figurative, Street Art, Pop Art, Fine Art. Subject: Pop Culture/Celebrity. Keywords: The Warriors, Custom Doll, Barbie, Afro, Tattoo, Figure, Cult Classic, Lowbrow, Blaxploitation, Motorcycle, Tattooed Barbie, Doll Art. This Plastic Sculpture is one …

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Original Abstract Painting by Andrea Boscaro | Abstract Expressionism Art on Canvas | Acceptance clinging to the shore.

Original Art Marker/Acrylic Painting, measuring: 80W x 47H x 0D cm, by: Andrea Boscaro (Italy). Styles: Modern, Street Art, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism. Subject: Abstract. Keywords: Snake, African Tribal, Tattoo, Prehistoric, Basquiat, Tribal, African Art, Modern Tribal, Art Brut. This Marker/Acrylic Painting is one of a kind and once sold will …

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